I started college as an art major, majoring in medical illustration.  However, I was frustrated with the art classes and more fascinated by the sciences.  Having worked in a hospital in high school, I changed my major to nursing.  Thirty years later, I retired and started browsing the library for art books.  Not long after that I started taking classes at Noyes Cultural Center in Evanston working in watercolor.  The more I learned about watercolor, the paints and the paper, the more nervous I got about every making a mark on the paper.   After a while, I took up oil painting and discovered I’m really more of an oil painter.  I like the physicality of the medium; the sound of the brush, moving around to paint, and the feel of the canvas.

Because of my fascination with anatomy, I soon enrolled in a portrait painting class and fell in love with painting people.  As a nurse, I needed to tune into people’s emotions and needs and I found I completely enjoyed capturing emotion with my paintings.  So whether it’s a portrait or a landscape, I am interested in the use of color and form to create a mood or feeling in order to draw the viewer further into the painting.

This is just a little about me as an artist.  I hope to be able to write regularly to keep you informed about what I’m doing and where my current work is heading.


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